My son has struggled with sleep due to sensory issues since birth. After 3 years of poor sleep for pretty much everyone in the house, we decided it was time to try a weighted blanket. My only regret is that I didn't try one sooner. My son sleeps through the night now and we are so grateful. He is so much more regulated when he gets a good nights sleep. I should also mention that his blanket is absolutely adorable and so well made. Thank you Amy, you have helped us so much!

-Maegan J, IL


Using my blanket the first time, I got the best sleep I've gotten in six months. Love it! Helps with my anxiety immensely. Such good quality and fast turn around. I cannot recommend buying one of these enough. Thank you for providing this much-needed service, Amy.

Johanna W, IL


I'm so grateful for Amy! She made a beautiful weighted blanket for my mother who has restless leg syndrome. She has not needed any medication since she started using the blanket!!  She loves it .. and for a reasonable price!

Kaylen M, WI


I have suffered from insomnia for 25 years.  Since using my weighted blanket I have been able to stop using Ambien!

Noreen T, IL


My teenage son loves his weighted blanket. It calmed him immediately. When you put it on, you breathe deeply right away, and can feel your whole body relax. It is very well made, and he picked the fabric. Since he was having such a rough time, Amy put a rush on his blanket, and this made all the difference. She is a very caring, good person, and her blankets are amazing.

Sharon L, IL


I love my blanket! My restless legs have virtually gone away and I feel like I'm getting a hug every night. My quality of sleep has definitely improved. My dog likes sleeping under it as well!

Kelly M, IL