What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets look like down comforters but are filled with a plastic weighted material.  Like a down comforter, the weight is contained in "baffles" (6-8" squares) so that it is evenly distributed throughout the blanket. Weight will not shift to the bottom or sides of the blanket.

Fabrics used are cotton or minky, which is a very soft, baby blanket type, material.  Minky is thinner and more luxurious than fleece but offers similar warmth.  Please see individual blanket descriptions to see what fabric is used.

Who can benefit from a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets have been used in the therapy community for years.  They are used to calm special needs autistic children.

Recently people have realized that these blankets provide the same type of relief to the general public who  suffer from anxiety, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, PTSD and other anxiety and sleep related disorders.

The advantage of using a weighted blanket is that they are safe, side effect and medication free.  

What is the science behind a weighted blanket?

It is our natural instinct to hug or hold a person in distress.  Weighted blankets provide this  Deep Pressure Therapy--continuous pressure over large areas of the body.  It works much like a hug or swaddling to provide relief to someone who is agitated. Please see our research page for more information.

What is the weight used in your blankets?

We proudly use a plastic poly pellet made in the USA.  These pellets are specially constructed to be used in weighted blankets.  They are BPA free, non toxic, mold resistant, and machine wash/dryable.


How do I know what size and weight is right for me?

Blankets are “throw” size and should cover the user from chin to toe.

The recommendation for weight is 10-15% of body weight+1lb.  Our blanket weight is the weight of the filling.  We assume that the fabric makes the extra 1lb.

 Adults and teens may go heavier than 10-15%. It is important to be careful with smaller children  

I have a queen size bed, can I get a queen size blanket?

Blankets are made for individual use, not for bed size.  The user needs the weight to be on his/her body.  If the weight is spread out to the bed, it is "wasted" and therefore the blanket has less effectiveness.

How do I wash the blanket?

Blankets can be machine washed and dried.  It is recommended that you use a large tub washer without an agitator.  Please do NOT dry clean.

Do you ship internationally?

We will, but shipping cost will be passed on to the customer.  Unfortunately, this often ends up costing more than the blanket itself.