About Us


I'm Amy Tufano-Moran, former teacher turned entrepreneur.  Most importantly, I am the mother of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder and anxiety.  When my child was going through a particularly difficult time, a therapist suggested that we try a weighted blanket.  Parents of children with special needs  know that when your child is sick or hurting, you will try anything to help make it better. So, I made one for her.

I will never forget the next morning after we started using the blanket.  My husband and I stared in awe at our daughter.  She was still sound asleep!  It was the first time in her life she needed to be woken up!  Of course, with better sleep came better behavior, better ability to tolerate the world around her, and even a happier disposition!

I also have anxiety, fibromyalgia and overall don't get deep sleep.  I tried the blanket.  I remember waking up and thinking that was the best night sleep I ever had.  I went from being able to sleep 10-12 hours at a time and still feeling exhausted, to being able to wake up on my own after 8 hours feeling refreshed.

I started making blankets for friends and family members who encouraged me to turn this into a full time business. I am incredibly grateful to them for their support and encouragement.  Even more importantly, I am amazed by the amount of positive results my customers have had. I am so happy to offer you this product and sincerely hope that you experience comfort and relief from your symptoms.


Caim Comfort Company is located in St. Charles, IL a far west suburb of Chicago. Blankets are handmade by our sewing team.